Audit and Assurance

Cyprus company audit

Our Audit and Assurance department performs statutory audits, internal audits, reviews and tailored-made reports.

For us the annual audit is not merely a statutory obligation. On the contrary, we regard it a means to provide our clients with a thorough review of the state of their affairs. Therefore investment on the latest versions of audit software combined with constant update of our professionals on the latest reporting requirements, are for us among our principal priorities.

Internal audits, in contrast to annual audits, are not most of the times obligatory under a statute. Yet internal audits are very important for every organization. At PMA, we perform our internal audits having always in mind the needs of the management team. An efficient internal audit reviews and tests the efficiency of operations and the reliability of financial reporting tools, while at the same time it investigates any possible fraud, safeguards assets and reviews compliance with laws and regulations.

In addition to the more formal assurance reports, our skilled professionals are always prepared to provide our clients with tailor - made reports, the terms of which are a matter of preliminary agreement between the interested party and ourselves. Some examples of tailor - made reports are: a due diligence report on the purchase of a business, a review on specific issues relating to the sale of a business, a feasibility study relating to the commencement of a new business or entrance into a new market, a review on specific areas related to fraud and performance of specific audit testing on different areas according to the needs of management.

Undoubtedly the provision of integrated and professional audit and other assurance services is of great benefit for any organization not only because they may point out problems which might have been overlooked by the management, but also and most importantly they may constitute a means through which constructive advice and efficient assistance may be provided.



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